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Season 2 Episode 4: Mokshada Tiwari belongs to Pilibhit Uttar Pradesh, inside his third are trying secured AIR- 211 inside prestigious SSC CGL 2019 Examination. She has been allotted Assistant Allotment Officer inside Central Secretariat Provider (ASO inside CSS).

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Her scores inside SSC CGL 2019 Examination are:-

Raw Get(Normalised Get)

Tier 1: 154.5 (182.33)
Tier 2: Maths 200 (244.43)
Tier 2: English 187.5 (190.21)
Tier 3: Descriptive 60
Entire: 602 (676.97/700)

Mokshada graduated from Galgotia School of Engineering also Technology & On this episode of RaMo with Toppers youre might perhaps well perhaps discover to become taught about her preparation scoot, booklist , sources also assorted crucial ingredients. a interview will likely become precious inside making your has strategy, blueprint also routine.

‘RaMo with Toppers’ “RwT” is an initiative by Examo whereby RaMo Sir consult with a form of exam Toppers also thru this dialog brings out a very best pointers, steering also solutions for aspirants dreaming to crack masses of assessments.

Topper’s Playlist : http://bit.ly/SSCToppers
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Paunchy Diagram By Toppers (SSC CGL): http://bit.ly/2U1eN10
Know Your CGL Post Playlist: https://bit.ly/KnowYourCGLpost

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Topper’s Interview Video hyperlink:
RwT E1 (Kaushik Raj, AIR-1)

RwT E2 (Ankit Kumar, AIR-32)

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RwT E6 (Santosh Kumar Yadav, 199.22/200 Tier2 Maths)

RwT E7 (Survesh Kumar, ASO inside CSS)

RwT E8 (Alok Kumar Tripathi, AIR-17)

RwT E9 (Rajat Dwivedi, AIR-28)

RwT E10 (Joydev Sterling friend, AIR-22)

RwT E11 (Vishal Kumar, AIR-12)

RwT E12 (Vishal Goyal, AIR-3)

RwT E13 (Anjali Yadav, AIR-318)

RwT E14 (Naveen Yadav, 608.6/600)

RwT E15 (Gaurav Garg, 608.25/600)

RwT E16 (Uttam Kumar, 594/600)

RwT E17 (Ayush Tripathi, AIR-45)

RwT E18 (Jyoti Suhag, AIR-151)

RwT E19 (Avinsh Mishra, 593/600)

RwT E20 (Abhishek Tripathi, 584/600)

RwT E21 (Amit Sharma, 595/600)

RwT E22 Rajashekhar Reddy (AIR-26)

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RwT E23 Akhil Kumar Yadav (AIR-707)

RwT E24 Mandeep Saharan (AIR-205)

RwT E25 Vikram Singh (AIR -29)

RwT E26 Divya Sharma (JSO 170 SSC CGL 2016)

RwT E27 Rahul Raghuwanshi (AIR -42)

RwT E28 Ashish J Onatt (AIR 2)

RwT E29 Vijay Saini (AIR 254)

RwT E30 Arun Dagur (AIR 12) (SSC CPO)

RwT E31 Shashwat Omar (AIR 222)

RwT E32 Jitendra Singh Rathore (AIR 2)

RwT E33 Prashant Agarwal (AIR 1)
RwT E34 Rajhans Singh (AIR 16)

RwT E35 Arushi Mishra (AIR 105)
RwT E36 George E Mathew (AIR 5)
RwT E37 Shivani Malviya (AIR 171)
RwT E38 Gourav Mehta (AIR 29)
Rwt E39 Diksha Jadon (Air668)

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