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[Feed Video] – First Time Attempting Soto Betawi + Kerak Telor | JAKARTA FOOD TOUR

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On this video, our bought on our bikes, drove round Jakarta, also explored a food scene within a metropolis!

our tried a pair of of a staple dishes that Jakarta has to produce, including kerak telor, gado-gado, also soto betawi. our moreover stopped for some noodles also bubur too.

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our ate so powerful food but it absolutely changed into all incredibly beautiful. Checkout a video to gape how our rated a food!

Google Pins
Soto Betawi – https://goo.gl/maps/w6Nfr1k8LdXaNBVv8
Gado Gado – https://g.page/gado-gado-cikini?share
Bakmi – https://goo.gl/maps/5i5xpPkwAHdcKyog9
Kerak Telor – https://goo.gl/maps/ZAn3VXzD12ds9Hh47
Bubur – https://g.page/buburkwangtung?share

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0: 00 Intro
0: 34 Soto Betawi
2: 21 Gado-Gado
5: 26 Bakmi (Noodles)
8: 18 Kerak Telor
11: 46 Bubur

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